A week went by and.. Nothing

Well, it’s not exactly nothing, but I did not accomplish all what I wanted to do..

Note to readers: This is too intense but it gets better at the end, I swear!

I know now for sure that working on my home projects or my Youtube filming can only be done during weekends. I already knew that to some extent but for some reason still kept putting long to do lists for my work days afternoons, all of which of course went undone.

So now I should change the strategy. Working on my home/ self/ family projects shall be done only on weekends which will make my weekends of course the busiest of all days but I don’t think I have any other choice. Besides, some good time management techniques can save my day and give me a lot more time than I can wish for, provided that -of course- i don’t over-book myself, being realistic with my time table is the number one step towards achieving goals.

I should have been done with at least 70% of the dining room purging project by now -it was my project of focus for the month of April- but I think I actually did less than 50%. Proud of what I accomplished so far though, this is the most I did on any given time since I started thinking about purging this place that turned into attic-style room! But let’s not forget that “starting” and “finishing” are 2 different things.. My goal was to finish, I should not be content just by the mere fact that I “started” the project.

I think that what kept me from finishing that I wanted to finish is the stress I’ve been under for the past week. I am very bad at dealing with stress -maybe finding a solution for that should be a goal too!- I was stressing over couple of work projects and 2 upcoming trips abroad for work that come in a very close interval and both need a lot of preparation and high density work, all of that left me feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to focus properly.
And since I have decided long ago that work should be done on work time not on home/ self/ family time, I haven’t brought work home in a long time, and my working hours are filled with other low density work which does not help me achieve well.
So I end up not achieving well at work, and I come home with all the stress, I cannot relax well nor concentrate on home/ self/ family projects, and that ends up in only one result: Bed, TV, Candy Crush!
Exactly what I’ve been trying to avoid for the past year and the reason why I started my organizing/ time management journey first place!
I guess the constant feeling of overwhelm is a proof that the journey is not exactly going the way it should be.

I still don’t want to bring work home but I might have to for the next week. I just need to find a way to calm myself down, relax and focus, or else I will end up doing nothing and having an anxiety attack! I had a minor one earlier this week and I believe it can become worse every time I get closer to my deadlines without really achieving anything.

How the hell can anyone relax with all of that on its mind!!

Oh boy! I’m doing it again.. I’m freaking out!

Ok.. let’s turn all that around, and start setting things right and let stress work for me.
You know, psychologically speaking, fear of deadlines can be a huge motive for work! So let’s use it!

What I have to accomplish this weekend and the next week before I travel is:

  • scripting – filming – editing at least 5 short clips for Youtube. Why? Consistency. I need to be more consistent with my channel and post weekly. And since I will be traveling for most of next month I have to wrap it all up before leaving.
    I already went for my morning walk today and did all the scripting i need for all 6 clip! Will film them all, or for as much time as I have, tomorrow. I think I got that covered well.
  • Review work papers for the upcoming trip I have to Algeria. This is easy! I have all the papers, all I need is 1 hour of focus to read through them and that’s it!
  • Start reading and gathering the material I need for the conference I “might” attend in Abu Dhabi in 3 weeks. Only 1 week between Algeria and Abu Dhabi trip, it will be filled with low density work and A LOT of administrative stuff, so i have to be done with this paper through next week before I leave for Algeria. I can start my searching today and tomorrow and stay after work hours for 1 more hour in office to start drafting my paper. I know I cannot count on myself to work well at home, so 1 hour after everybody leaves office is better for me. I already went to the library and got the resources I need so it won’t take me long to start drafting the paper.
    2 days of researching and 1 hour of drafting every day for 5 days. I think this is a good plan. Let me start with 1 hour today for researching and see how it goes.
    Sounds good?
  • I have another conference that will coincide with Abu Dhabi trip. It’s here in Cairo, this is why I think Abu Dhabi trip might get canceled, but it all depends on the high management decisions, but in case it doesn’t I need to get the Cairo conference covered. My work for this conference is mostly preparations, so I can keep on working on it for the next week before Algeria and after I come back. Since it’s mostly preparing documents and organizing material and putting on the conference website, which is all done with help of my colleagues I think I can concentrate most of my work days on this conference, and figure out a plan with the help of my colleagues to keep the work going while I’m traveling to Abu Dhabi.
    This means I need to put up a good system almost “automated”, and “to delegate work”, a skill I am yet to master, but I think now is a good time to practice it! Right?

So. To sum it up, this week will look like this:

    1. Friday: Script films – Read through the Algeria documents for 1 hour – Research Abu Dhabi conference for another hour.
      One task is already done so that gives me only 2 hours of work today. Not bad!
    2. Saturday: Film clips early morning – edit clips, each of them is less than 10 minutes, so that is almost 1 hour of filming, and another 1 and 1/2 hour of editing (I need to give myself some room) – another hour of researching Abu Dhabi conference.
      Total less than 4 hours. Well.. not bad, let’s remember I am running low on time so I need some focus, so 4 hours out of an entire day is not bad at all!
    3. Sunday to Thursday: Work hours: focus on Cairo conference preparations.
      1 hour after work hours: Working on AbuDhabi Conference paper.
      After work.. Well with all the stress I think I might stick to the initial action plan: Bed-TV- Candy Crush. Intentionally this time. because I need to think about nothing!
      Oh.. No Facebook, no Internet in general. These 2 are a huge source of anxiety!

As for puring dining room, I guess I’ll have to postpone it till next month. I can still try to work on it this weekend. But I am still too stressed to do that! I really am.. I’ll have to sacrifice it for the sake of my mental health!
In case my plan… No… that’s not the right way to put it…. “My plan will work well today”, and so that will probably encourage me to make some time during this evening for some purging. Yeah.. Why not?! I might be able to pull things off a little bit after all. All I need is a good plan, a realistic one I mean, some encouragement, and faith!
That sounds like a good plan, right?

Oh boy! A +1400 words post.. Who on earth will read that!!
Never mind.. I’m sure some people will relate.. I needed to clear my head anyway, whether someone will read that or not that is up to my dear readers.

Wish me luck guys!
And good luck to you too with whatever you’re working on or struggling with.


Update: Find out how day 1 went here.


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