Outcome of the day

After freaking out this morning over my many tasks and work and deadlines that overlap throughout this upcoming week, and then finally coming up with a plan to take control of my time and ending the stress, I can say I did more than good for today.

The initial plan for today was to work for 1 hour on each of the 2 main tasks I had (after all it is still my weekend and I want to rest!).
I ended up finishing 1 of them (Algeria trip document preparation) in 1 hour and a half, which means I don’t have to work on it tomorrow at all as I was planning, it’s all done already. As for the paper I have to prepare for the conference, I worked on it for 1 hour, then got really engaged with the subject and added another hour, ending up with very good results that I can build on for the next few days.

So although I decided to work for 2 hours only today, I ended up working for 3 and a half, not because I was slacking but because I wanted to do more and actually did a lot more than I initially planned.
I did loose a lot of time between my 2 tasks though.. I started with the conference paper since this is the high density work that needed more energy and focus, then after doing so well with it I started slacking and enjoying my weekend until I noticed evening had come and time is running out. But eventually I pulled it out.

Did not get to work on my dining room purging project… But well, I didn’t expect to any way and I don’t feel guilty about it. I made good use of the day and I already had planned to postpone this project until I come back from Algeria.

One more thing to mention: Pomodoro techinque. That thing is like magic to me! A life savior!! It helped me a lot to focus and concentrate and be very much “aware” of my time, especially at the beginning of the focus session, even if I don’t need it after some time, I always use it at the beginning to put myself in focus mode and get work done.
Like I said, some good time management techniques can make a world of difference.

And that is a very encouraging beginning for a long week ahead. 🙂

Keep on wishing me luck guys!



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