Day 2.. Not as good, but not bad either.

The initial plan to save my week was to work on filming and editing today for 2 and a half hours then, do some researching for the conference paper for 1 hour.

Well I did not do as good as I did yesterday..  I did a horrible mistake dedicating less than 3 hours for filming and editing! I ended up filming 4 out of 5 films, at the last minute I decided that the fifth script is not good enough and needs more work so I postponed it for another day. The filming of the 4 clips took almost 2 and a half hours, the editing, took the rest of the day! One reason is that the clips exceeded 10 minutes, which means more time filming and double time editing! Another reason is the various interruptions I had today, even with my beloved Pomodoro technique, by 3 PM it was impossible to keep going, I needed to stop editing several times and go address other issues then come back and finish. Nevertheless, I did it! And I am proud of that achievement..

As for the 1 hour of researching, let’s not forget that yesterday I did twice the amount of work I assigned to myself, which means that technically I already did yesterday 2 days worth of work… This is not cheating is it?

Anyway, it was a long hectic weekend, and right now all I know is that I am in desperate need for some good deep sleep. Tomorrow I am starting a very exhausting week.

Keep on wishing me luck guys.



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