Leap of faith

It is not uncommon in life to face situations where you need to close your eyes and jump. A leap of faith, faith that something good will come out of the leap, that the good outcome deserves the risk.

I’m not the type of people who can take that leap. Going after my heart is not my point of strength, I’m the kind of person who goes after the mind. And the mind never advises you to jump.

In some way what I wrote here contradicts what I did when I started my Youtube channel. I’m going to talk about this story later, but the point is, starting a channel is not the kind of event that you dread to that extent. I did close my eyes and jump, and it was one of the best decisions I took in my life so fare. However this is not like changing career, or other life changing events, this is an action that required courage to do something different than my usual self, but not that different. It did require a lot of courage from my part as “the original introvert”, and I am so proud of myself for pulling this off. But I still wonder if it is the same thing.

Sometimes you need to have more faith, faith that this is a risk worth taking, that this is simply life, sometimes you are presented to hard situations and you need to decide to take the leap despite our eternal human fear of the unknown. This is how life goes and if you don’t live it, then you’re not fulfilling you true purpose on earth.
For now my mind keeps thinking and stressing that I need to count my steps and make sure everything is rationalized. My mind does not like the unknown, and for now he has the upper hand, but I need to constantly remind myself of the true nature of life.

What do you think? Ever had to take the leap? Is it how I describe it here? Or someone has a different point of view?



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