‘Mind Tools’

Just came across a very interesting website that provides a lot of tools and tips to help people advance better in their careers or just help them work better with their “minds”.

Mindtools.com is a real treasure. I so happened to find out about it today and started to explore it, but I could not wait to blog about it even before I’m done exploring it as I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

Let me tell you what I mean. The main categories of the website are: Leadership Skills, Team Management, Strategy Tools, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Project Management, Time Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Creativity Tools, Learning Skills, Career Skills.
In some of these categories they have quizzes to let you evaluate where you stand now so you would know how to move next and where to go, also in all sections I saw until now the articles are well organized one ofter the other to provide you with a step by step type of guidance

Sound yummy! Isn’t it!

I’m not gonna talk much now this site it made to be explored not to ramble about.. so click the link above an enjoy!


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