Just do it.

I created my Youtube channel “Agenda” on May 2016. However my 1st video came out mid November, almost 7 months after the channel was up.
Since I created the channel I always found reasons to postpone filming: I don’t have all materials ready now, I don’t know how to edit, I don’t know any good filming techniques, I need to set an introduction video 1st.. and a lot of similar bla bla bla..

The truth is, all I lacked back then was courage! The courage to take 1st step and start.
Until one day I was standing in front of my laptop, I had most of my planners and stuff I wanted to talk about right next to me, I grabbed my phone, pressed rec, and started filming.
The light was terrible, the phone was shaking, but I kept filming anyway, then I downloaded the file to my laptop and just uploaded it.. No editing, nothing, I didn’t even have an editing program at that time, I used Youtube creator studio and I struggled to get what I want out of it!
I had to take the first step once I had the courage to do it, or else, had I waited for the “right circumstances”, I would’ve been still thinking about the channel without working on it until today!

Sometimes, you just need to take the 1st step and throw yourself in there without even thinking about it. If not you will spend your entire life “waiting”.

I created Agenda, then closed my eyes and ‘jumped’. And it was the best decision I took in a life full of wrong decisions.
Agenda saved my sanity. It is my tool to fight my mood swings and depressing moments, the reason why I would pull myself out of bed in some mornings when all thoughts in my head are negative and tempts me to stay in bed, the idea that I have a commitment towards some people who are actually waiting for me to get up and create something for them, even if it’s just one or two people, that was enough for me to fight the negativity and get up and start my day. Agenda saved me.

Now, what would’ve happened had I succumbed to the idea that I must wait for “the right moment” that never comes?
That is one thought I do not want to think about.

Now think of that long postponed project of yours.. And go do it.



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