De-cluttering my life – 3 – “Childhood memories”

I did it!

One of the hard spots at home that I thought will give me the hardest times, is an old cupboard where I keep my old toys and childhood memories.. I purged it! It took me 1 hour!!

It wasn’t its turn this month, I assigned it to the month of September, but then earlier this week my mom opened it, took a glimpse at it while I was standing next to her, then said “We need to do something about this clutter”.. That was my queue! I found myself answering without thinking “Let’s do it now, hand me that first box on the top.”

And so, ferociously and ruthlessly, I purged my old toys and childhood memories… I didn’t even flinch! I only kept couple of my old dolls that I loved the most and they are in an excellent condition, I always wanted to put them on display in the house, so I did that, I kept them for display..

Sometimes I would hold to an old doll and say, I love it.. I don’t want it to go away.. But then I remember that I am no longer a child, and that this doll that made me happy one day, it’s time for it to keep on spreading happiness and make another child very happy… An orphan maybe? Or a poor child who would love a new toy instead of his old ones.. My toys are all in a very good condition, I preserved them well.. So it’s about time they make someone else happy.. What better way to honer and cherish my childhood memories then to be able to give this same happiness I had years ago to another child who needs it way more that I will ever do!
The idea excited me to give away even the dolls I decided to keep.. But then I will wait a little on that decision, even though the idea is growing on me.

As always, I missed the opportunity to take a “before” shots, but I took an “after” one. I also took this shot of the pile of toys that will be soon leaving us to their new homes.


The cupboard did not hold only old toys but also some memorabilia from my travels that I now gathered all in one place in order to re-purpose them. Most of them are items for home display so I will be giving them the chance to serve that purpose once I’m done purging the entire house and figuring out where everything will go. If I end up not finding a good place for them, I will let them find a new home.
This is the way things should be.. Things are here to serve us, and make us happy, not to clutter our homes and spread negative energy.

I am happy the way things turned out, and I am more encouraged and determined to keep on doing what I started to do..
By the end of this year, God’s willing, I’ll be living in a clutter-free home with only things I love and/ or need around me.

Wish me luck!


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