Leaving for 3 weeks

I’m leaving today for China, “a trip of a lifetime” as a fellow work colleague told me. Of course I’m going for work so I don’t have a lot of time for sightseeing, nevertheless being there for 3 weeks will certainly give me the chance to move around.

Now I though that I might not have time while in China to write and publish weekly blog posts, which is what I have been doing since I started this blog and I really don’t want to break the chain. And in case I found time I might not be able to log on to WordPress. Lots of sites are blocked in China, so I’m not sure if WordPress is one of them or not.

So I thought I might pre-write few posts and schedule them for upcoming Saturdays. But then I decided not to do that. This is not a professional blog, blogging is not a job, it’s a mere way to record my progress in life and hold myself accountable in some sort. I do have a goal to publish weekly but that’s only to learn to commit and write as much as I can, since I have serious commitment issue especially to writing. So it kinda felt so fake! To write things that I don’t “feel” at the time just to have something to say, it is good for building an audience, but that is not the purpose of this blog. I write for myself mainly. I do keep couple of posts with general ideas for weeks where I cannot blog for any reason, but this is a totally different matter. I don’t want to break the chain for stupid small reasons, or else it will happen again. But a China trip is a different thing.

My Youtube channel however is a different matter. I film for others, not for me, I need to build up an audience, so I uploaded several films to the channel to be published weekly, I even took into account that I might be too exhausted to make a new one when I come back home and so made couple more to be published on the weekend of my arrival home, making them 5 films in total.

If I have time and ability to blog from China I will do that, and my posts shall be on China or ideas generated by this trip. I need my posts to be relevant to my life as it happens, to reflect my thoughts and experiences as I get them not to be a “recorded message”, unlike the “Agenda” channel, this defies the purpose if the bog.

So, I guess it’s time to say “Bye.. Talk to you soon”.. Hopefully, from China.



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