What can be better than a brain dump on paper to unload your brain and relief it from all stress? An even bigger brain dump on your wall ! Something like this:


I always wanted a white board on my wall, but I have no place to put it.. So instead I used the door of my closed balcony as a board..

Last Thursday afternoon I was in my office doing my best to focus at a task but I could hardly concentrate.. A simple task that would take a 30 minutes of work too me over an hour.. My mind kept jumping from one thing to another, and from one computer window to another and from one task to another until I felt my brain can take it no more,, I could feel the circuits burn in there! So I grabbed my notebook and started listing in bullets all the things I had on my mind.. And so the Great Brain Dump of 2017 began..
I kept writing every single thing on my mind until I felt a little bit calmer.. I even kept writing while in my car.. I would be driving then I remember something so I pull over and write it down. No typing on my phone, nor voice notes.. Only one place to hold it all: The good old pen and paper.
I finished my brain dump the next morning!

I had 12 pages worth of information, thoughts, ideas, important dates, appointments, to-dos, and garbage that I just struck out later.. I felt good after I did it, I was actually amazed with how much I had on my mind, no wonder I was feeling overwhelmed and unfocused for the past few months! I was also amazed that all of this happened despite the fact that I run around everywhere with my notebook and planner! Obviously I need to commit to my system more than I think I am..

But shortly after the initial relief, the feeling of overwhelm came back to me for the mere thought that I have to go through all of these notes and processing them. So instead of re-writing everything again I just started putting everything on sticky notes and on to my dear balcony door.. It worked like a charm! I could see everything clearly, move things around and organize everything as I needed. For the rest of the weekend (Friday and Saturday) I actually managed to work well on several tasks I needed to complete that kept me anxious for some time.. Including a first look at my balcony that needed purging (which was my project for last month and got postponed to this month), and I was happy to see that the initial purge I had over a year ago for the same place was actually more successful than I thought, things in there and not junk, they are things that do belong there except for few items that I will be purging next weekend.
I am quite satisfied with the result of this weekend.

Guys, if any of you feel unfocused, overwhelmed, unmotivated, unable to work, then you need a brain dump.. You have a lot on your mind that needs to be organized, even though you have everything written somewhere, you need to make sure that you re-write it just to keep it out of your mind.. The result will amaze you! The instant relief and focus you will get will be great, and you will gain clarity again..
Also consider the sticky-note-on-board type of thing, it will be even more helpful than paper, even if you use a door 😉

Happy unloading.




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