Bye Bye 2017: Lessons Learned

I have been working on several goals this years all of which aim at putting my life in order. My health, my family relations, my career, spiritualities, finances, entertainment, environment, self development, and giving back to my community.. These are all areas of my life that I want to set straight.. They are supposed to be related to the roles we play in our lives, but to simplify it let’s say that it is matter of relations: My relation with myself, emotionally mentally and psychically, my relations with people around me, and my relation with God.

I did quite well on all levels, although I feel I could’ve done better.. Also I must admit I got a bit sloppy for the last couple of months.. However, this is the best I did in years, and I hope it will not stop here..
And now after reviewing my goals for 2017, this is what I learned so far:

1) I need a vision board! I keep a foldout with all my goals in my planner to give me a clear general view of all I need to do throughout the year.. But I need something bigger and better and more visual.. I need a board with my most important goals at least.. So for next year, since I have identified around 5 major goals that are not just related to setting my life straight (I can say I’m done with that this year), I’ll be making a vision board for them..

2) I have struggled a lot in my life with the concept of the “Big Picture”.. meaning I never knew how to identify my main values and mission in life.. I could feel it, I could see some aspects of it, but never got a grasp of it as I do now, and I’m still working on it.. But what got me to put my hand on the first step is the conscious efforts I made this year to put my life in order.. One by one it would open new doors and show me ways I could not think of.. It helped a lot to clear my mind and be more focused and reach conclusions that taught me what to look for and where.. The most important part of it I guess was the “self development”.. Each time I searched for “how to” do something I was struggling with I would go deeper on issues and subjects that would take ma fare into looking at my life with a new eye..

3) Relevant to that, when you face some areas in your life that are particularly difficult to handle, and need serious courage, like my case as I was handling getting rid of poisonous relations, start with the rest of your life goals and areas,, the changes you will make will help you a lot! Out of your own life, you will start getting the courage to face what you thought a ‘mission impossible’.. I know I did.. When I moved on with my decluttering project and got rid of the stuff that I don’t want in my life, I was encouraged and excited to move on with the rest of my life on a ‘clearer’ note, without the relations that hurt me or did not help me be the person I want, and need, to be.

4) I know some people hate the ‘New Year Frenzy’ but that is just because they do not know how to handle the new year well.. If they did they would be thrilled to make the most out of this wonderful fresh start! Whatever goals/ resolutions you make, you must review them regularly.. Putting new year resolutions and not looking back at them the entire year does not make any sense! Start with one goal.. just one.. You don’t have to put goals in all areas of your life or discover your life mission in tow weeks! Just set one goal and do your best to stick with it.. To do that you need to map it out on a piece of paper, then chunk it into milestones with several simple clear steps, then put a due date on each of them, and go!
Try it again.. You have nothing to loose but a lot to gain!
And remember: Regular review is essential to make sure you are on the right track.. Without it you will probably get derailed at the first rough corner..

To end this post I will leave you with this wonderful video by Laura from HowTOGYST about few things you can do now to tie 2017’s loose ends and start 2018 on a fresh note!

Happy new year everyone… šŸ™‚


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