Hello 2018: Fresh start without past mistakes

Another year, another fresh start, new planners, new plans, even new vision board, but not much of new goals.. I still have same goals as last year only this time the project are bigger and a bit harder..

I need to put my life on track, we all need to do so, so I started last year with the basic if the basics.. Learning how to set a healthy productive daily routine and be disciplined enough to maintain it throughout the year.. So I identified what I need to do to put my life on the right track, what I need to do, how I want to live and even who I want to be, or at least I started the goal of reaching a clear vision of my life.. That was, and still is, my biggest goal yet!

To reach this big goal I dedicated 2017 to several other smaller goals that will help me achieve the bigger one.. It was mostly about my daily habits and lifestyle.. And since I always wanted to set my habits on track and fail at it I had first to identify “why” I failed. The major 2 reasons I found were the lake of serious motive and rushing through everything, I would put too many habits in a very little time.

To deal with first problem I had to find some inner inspiration, so I started some soul searching trying to find what I really love and the things I care about. I talked about this process before as I began it, and that was a huge thing for me that really set the tone for the real deal that is yet to come.

To deal with problem number 2, baby steps was the answer. I no longer rush through my goals trying to set all habits at once and do everything at the same time. I used to write down a plan for my ideal day, and after years of waking up at noon and coming back from work with zero energy left in me, I would force my poor self to implement it like this: Wake up at 5 AM, go to the gym then to work, come back home to have dinner,sit with my family to enjoy long talk then on to work on my deep endeavors to save the world and get the Nobel Peace Prize.. Naturally as you might guess I failed at getting the peace prize.. I would repeat this same thing every single time I try and also fail every single time.. So instead I started taking tiny steps to ensure that the habits are in place and then elaborate them later: Wale up 10 minutes earlier everyday, skip ropes or do a simple plank challenge for beginners, read 30 minutes in the evening, and so on.. So saving the world will have to wait until I save myself first, and the Nobel Prize will have to wait for its turn in line.

And I made it! I really set things on track much better this time, and kept a routine that helps me achieve better.. And now I am ready to start the year with bigger goals, now that I know I am capable of achieving them, go to the gym, learn piano, volunteer abroad and fulfill my life long dreams.. I even made a vision board to start the year on a positive note 😁

I’m ready.. Projects for the year all set.. Time to launch the rocket and live up to my motto of choice this year, the one I put in the center of my vision board and all my goals and dreams revolve around it.. Here it is:


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