A pleasant surprise!

Last year I made a list of all skills I wanted to learn, I was excited about it and thought of starting with one or two items on the list, wanted to start with a course on CPR & first aid, but the course timing did not go well with my work schedule.. Then I tried to enroll in “Sillshare.com” for other skills, but for some reason it kept refusing my credit card.. It all turned out to be in my benefit after all since I had a lot on my plate and I don’t think that adding any more would have gone so well! So I postponed my plans to learn CPR & first aid to a later date to be defined at a later time.

Then came 2018 with new resolutions & goals. And although learning to play piano is on top of the list, I don’t really categorize it as “learning a new skill” but as “fulfilling lifelong dreams”. And so new skill goal went untouched this year.

But ! Earlier this week I Came across a fantastic Arabic e-learning platform Called “Edraak” which means ‘being aware’, I took 1 glance at it & I was hooked! They provided a wide range of courses in many fields including.. yes .. you guessed it.. first aid & CPR ! It was totally unplanned but felt like a sign from above! so as you can imagine I enrolled in the course and started day 1 today and I hope I will benefit well from it ..

I don’t know how well it will be yet, but however this may go it will be at least a good start .. Hope this is a great start for the year..


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