Getting started.. Done better than perfect

Playing piano has always been my dream, since I was a little girl I dreamed of it, any time I see a piano I freeze and keep looking at it, anytime I hear a piano piece my heart “dances”! But for so many reasons, I never learned it.

So this year I decided that learning piano is my main goal for 2018. And so I started. First I asked around for good venues to take a course, then good keyboard models to buy to train daily.

But then soon I realized that being the type of perfectionist I am, it is taking me forever to ask and check! It’s like I’m procrastinating while pretending to be working on it.
I spent a lot of time searching for a venue, asking people and getting contradictory recommendations, or searching for the “perfect” keyboard for me, then I thought to myself that I’m a beginner, I still don’t know what I want, so maybe I should not buy a keyboard now and just wait to see how it goes.. This is such a self destructive thought of course since learning piano can only come with continues training, so waiting on this means I won’t do good with my course!

I thought about it and came to the conclusion that this is one of those things that you wish for your whole life, but then when you’re about to reach it you get scared! “What if I won’t be good at it?” “What if it’s not as good as I imagined?”, same thing happened to me last year when I was preparing to volunteer abroad, and I ended up missing the time I wanted and postponed the entire project.

It was a good thing I realized that my mind is playing tricks on me.. So I decided to just start!
I’ll sign up for a course at the closest venue to my home, I’ll go to a trusted store and buy the first keyboard they recommend to me! If I don’t like the venue, I can always change it, if I don’t like the keyboard, I can always sell it and buy another one.. The most important thing now is to make good use of the “new year resolution frenzy”, all the enthusiasm for my new goal, just enough to put my self on the right track, and then discipline will take care of the rest.

And so I signed up for a course, and bought this baby:


It’s not the “best” option, after I got it I found it’s missing some features that I need, but it was the “available” option, and that is good enough for me..
It’s not about “getting the best”, it’s about “getting started”.. The rest will come later, I mean, it’s not that I’m stuck with it for the rest of my life! I just need to begin somewhere!

And now, it is time to unleash the hidden artist in me! I’m really excited to see how it will go 🙂


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