The face behind the keyboard

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Hello.. My name is Ingy.. Mid 30’s Egyptian woman living in Cairo.
This blog is totally personal, in here I talk about various things, mostly reflections on my life journey and some other random thoughts.

I believe that such a small space is never enough to describe a human soul, how can you describe an entire universe of feelings and thoughts and characters and traits and happiness and sorrows in few paragraphs? Not to mention that, until very recently, I was one of these lost souls who could not “define” themselves no matter what. Three years ago I embarked on a self-organize, self-discovery journey, I learned a lot about myself and my world, but the journey is still ongoing and I believe it will never end till the day I die.

So if you need to know more about the face behind the keyboard, here is what I learned so far:
I’m a hard core introvert who gets mistaken for being an extrovert all the time! I’m a book junky, paper lover, passionate about planning and organization, somewhat techsavy. Animals, nature and wildlife are a huge passion of mine. Love wordless music and believe in it’s unique ability to convey feelings. I also love to travel but honestly I’m too lazy for it!
I’m a youtuber, can’t dare call myself content creator, but I might be. Oh.. And I believe in open Knowledge for all.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist, even though I’m still working on changing the world, one post at a time.