“5 x 3” Challenge: 5 Goals in 3 Months

As we enter the last quarter of the year, I thought of a challenge that I announced on my channel this morning: The "5 x 3" challenge, in other words, a challenge to finish 5 goals within the next 3 months before the end of the year. Why? To help those who struggle with their …


De-cluttering my life -6- Travel Memorabilia

Another month, another purge, this time my travel memorabilia that was all stacked in one huge paper bag.. I had a lot of maps, magazines, phone chips, plan tickets and boarding passes, all shoved with no order in the bag. I had bought couple of scrap booking notebooks hoping that one day I will scrapbook …


At last a long overdue break, shorter than I need but better than nothing... spending the weekend by the sea.. See you in couple of days.